Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Five: Staying inside the lines

Tonight is opening night of In Loco Parentis, written by Helen Machalias and directed by Andrew Holmes. It is a tough and confronting play that explores 'unwelcome sexual encounters, inconvenient truths, and brutal university policies'. I play Dr Bryce, the Head of College who may or may not be complicit in the appalling incidents occuring on campus. If you are in the area, come and see it - I'd love to discuss it with you afterwards!

5 lines from In Loco Parentis:
  1. "First and foremost, welfare starts at home, and that means looking after each other, especially the vulnerable members of our community." - Katy McIntyre
  2. "Chicks are like grass, they need to be cut down to size regularly or it gets out of hand." - College Boy
  3. "For future reference, Mitchell, beginning a sentence with 'I'm not being sexist, but...' is a guaranteed way to get a woman off-side." - Dr Jillian Bryce
  4. "You used to love it here, and then you took a gender studies unit last semester and became some angry, magnanimous bitch." - Mitchell Cameron
  5. "I assume he's your garden variety college footy head?" - Jana Abernach

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