Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Five: Living Essentials

As we are moving to Australia, we have hired a container and have to pack our belongings into it. They will then be shipped and we shall see them on the other side, as it were, in about a month. So we have to keep certain items with us that we cannot do without and that we think we will need for the next several weeks until our home comforts arrive.

I am not including our cat in this list - he is being flown separately and at great expense, and beside, he is not a possession. If there is any possessing in our relationship, he is certainly not the object.

5 Things I Can't Leave Behind:
  1. A good book - yes, of course I can buy more when I get there, but I have so many in my 'to be read' collection that it would be ludicrous not to keep a few with me
  2. Running kit - if you had told me when I was younger that I wouldn't be able to travel without it, I would laughed in your face (from the comfort of the sofa) but as I've grown older, if not wiser, a good jog can make me feel better most days - and now that I am recovering from a crippling injury I don't want to waste any more time
  3. Oil of Olay - I am not paid for this, I promise, but it is the only moisturiser I use, and it has SPF15 which provides some protection form the sun
  4. Slippers - I just need my own sheepskin snuggle feet to feel comfortable - nana, I know
  5. Trench coat - the most versatile coat I've ever owned; it's lightweight, stylish (I like to think so, anyway), and packs down into a rucksack really well

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Quote for Today

"Great acting is being able to say 'Pass the salt, please,' without sounding weird or odd or stupid or portentous. Great acting is being able to say 'Horror! Horror! Horror!' without sounding weird or stupid or portentous." - William Boyd, Waiting for Sunrise