Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Five: Living Essentials

As we are moving to Australia, we have hired a container and have to pack our belongings into it. They will then be shipped and we shall see them on the other side, as it were, in about a month. So we have to keep certain items with us that we cannot do without and that we think we will need for the next several weeks until our home comforts arrive.

I am not including our cat in this list - he is being flown separately and at great expense, and beside, he is not a possession. If there is any possessing in our relationship, he is certainly not the object.

5 Things I Can't Leave Behind:
  1. A good book - yes, of course I can buy more when I get there, but I have so many in my 'to be read' collection that it would be ludicrous not to keep a few with me
  2. Running kit - if you had told me when I was younger that I wouldn't be able to travel without it, I would laughed in your face (from the comfort of the sofa) but as I've grown older, if not wiser, a good jog can make me feel better most days - and now that I am recovering from a crippling injury I don't want to waste any more time
  3. Oil of Olay - I am not paid for this, I promise, but it is the only moisturiser I use, and it has SPF15 which provides some protection form the sun
  4. Slippers - I just need my own sheepskin snuggle feet to feel comfortable - nana, I know
  5. Trench coat - the most versatile coat I've ever owned; it's lightweight, stylish (I like to think so, anyway), and packs down into a rucksack really well

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