Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Five: Feline Lessons

As we work out the logistics of moving to Australia, Chester is a primary concern. He needs to be micro-chipped, have all his vaccinations up-to-date, and undergo a thorough medical check. He needs to clear customs and bio-security, pass through the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and be exported as live cargo. This means his transport costs more than mine and Him Outdoors' put together.

It would have been cheaper (although illegal) to buy him a seat on the plane . He could have chosen his own movies (Puss in Boots) and selcted his own meal (not fish - he is the possibly the only cat in existence who doesn't like fish). And before you ask, no, it has not occured to either of us to leave him behind - he is part of our family. Besides, he entertains, amuses, and greatly benefits our general welfare (it is hard to be stressed when there is a streched out cat asleep and snoring gently beside you). He has also taught me a few lessons in life...

5 Things I've Learned from My Cat:
  1. There is no problem that doens't improve by sleeping - in fact, sleep is the great panacea
  2. It is important to keep your nails (claws) and nether regions scrupulously clean
  3. If you assume you are beautiful/ important, other people will too
  4. Seek out warmth in winter and shady spots in summer
  5. If something/ someone is unpleasant for any reason, just walk away


blurooferika said...

Wise words indeed.

thebuddinggourmet said...

Nice tips....

Anonymous said...

have you read dog diary, cat diary. Just search online for it. Robin

Btw you do know that Canberra is like Milton Keynes?

Bad Fairy said...

Lovely photo of Chester!

Kate Blackhurst said...

Hey Bad Fairy,

Yes, Chester is very photogenic; the camera loves him - even when he's asleep!

Kate xx

Kate Blackhurst said...


Yes, I have seen the dog diary vs cat diary - so true. Dogs are dumb and cats are devious; given a choice I've always gone for the latter.

As for Milton Keynes... maybe so, but I have yet to see the concrete cows, I have found a great real ale pub, and the surrounds are amazing. You must come and visit!

Kate xx