Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Weekend in Auckland

We went to Auckland this weekend so Spaz could compete in the National Age Group Duathlon Championships. He ran and cycled his way to a silver medal, of which we're very proud. All the Wellington athletes did well and it was a grand day out.

Auckland's not too bad either. She's scrubbed up okay, since the America's Cup. The Viaduct Basin actually looks quite nice these days; a lot finer than the impression it left when we first arrived nearly twelve years ago.

We went down to the waterfront to look at the boats - what is it about boys and boats, no matter what age they are? What fun it is to imagine yourself aboard one of these floating gin palaces, cruising around the harbours and the islands in fine weather with the sun glistening off the water. Of course it wouldn't be so appealing in a howling gale when you haven't seen land for days, but this is just a dream, remember.

So which one would you have?

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Final night

Well, The Devils is over and I feel slightly bereft. I keep getting a strange feeling approaching panic as I think that I should be somewhere, doing something, and then I remember that it is all over - for now.

I met so many great people and renewed some old friendships. I just love theatre people and doing shows is so much fun - all these people come together from different backgrounds and combine to produce an ephemeral work of art that means so much to the peole involved and can never be duplicated. I hope to stay in touch with as many of these folk as possible - you know who you are!

I learned so much from my fellow cast and crew members, led by Phil Mann who was a colossus of a director and one of the best I have ever worked with. Many thanks to all involved, and to all the audience who came to see it. I am now going to attempt to catch up on my sleep and empty my mind of some of those weird lines. Croak!