Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Five: New York Theme

Last weekend we were invited to a 40th birthday party. The theme was New York. We're not big fans of this penchant for fancy dress (I have a theory about it - and tattoos - which I won't expound as it will merely offend those friends who do like it - and tattoos) but we are fans of the birthday boy, so we went along as The Ramones.

This is partly because we like them and partly because we're lazy. It wasn't difficult to find leather jackets from the Salvation Army, dirty old jeans and fake converse shoes. We got a wig for Him Outdoors and I just didn't wash my hair for a week to get that lank and greasy look. No, you'll be pleased to hear, there are no photos.

His original idea was to go in a cardoard box with '3 o'clock x 3 o'clock; noon x noon' inscribed upon it. He was going to be Times Square. I wasn't keen on this plan, because I feared someone might introduce me as the square root. We also considered going as Occupy Wall Street protesters, but we don't know the other party guests and didn't want to risk political rants. Plus, it's difficult to drink with a dollar bill taped to your mouth - priorities, people!

Most of the men went as gangsters and most of the women went as molls. There were a lot of suits with fedoras and dresses with strappy heels. After that, these were the most popular outfits.

5 New York Dress Up Outfits:
  1. Baseball/ basketball players/ fans (chucking on a Yankees cap requires minimum effort)
  2. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's - people who had never even seen the film (let alone read the book) were sporting a little black dress, fake pearls and tiara, and an up-do
  3. A couple came as Seinfeld characters, Christine and Kramer. Having never watched Seinfeld I thought they were Annie and a random homeless dude
  4. The statue of liberty - long green bridesmaid's frock, foam headgear and a torch - sweet!
  5. King Kong and Fae Wray - genius, if a trifle hot for the guy

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