Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Five: Engineers

Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Apparently engineers are the salt of the earth - so says Him Outdoors. So this post is actually his. I asked him to name the greatest engineers that sprang to his mind and these are the results.

5 Great Engineers:
  1. Isambard Kingdom Brunel - dockyards; railways; steamships; bridges; tunnels... need we go on?
  2. Robert Stephenson - him of Rocket fame; the father of the railways and bridge-builder extraordinaire.
  3. James Watt - according to Him Outdoors, Watt's improvements to the Newcomen Steam Engine were fundamental to the Industrial Revolution.
  4. J. Robert Oppenheimer - for better or worse, his work on the Manhattan Project changed our lives in unforeseeable ways.
  5. Charles Babbage - credited with inventing the first mechanical computer, he revolutionised modern technology.

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Carole said...

Kate, my better half is an engineer too - I think he would agree with your list. Thank you for having Carole's Chatter in your blog list - always gives me a little thrill to see it there! Cheers