Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Newest Favourite Thing: Enlighten Canberra

You can tell this is my newest favourite thing because I took hundreds of photographs. I haven't put all of them here, but there are quite a lot.

I have mentioned before that I find Canberra's public buildings a bit dull and uniform. This, however, makes them ideal canvases for the festival 'Enlighten'. It lasts for a week and images are projected onto their surfaces to bring the buildings to life. The projection artists are Betty Holdsworth, David Sequeira, Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Martin Ollman, and Houl.

The images change every 30 seconds or so and last from when it gets dark until 11pm. We strolled around the parliamentary triangle on a balmy evening and were entertained and quite enlightened. First up, the National Library.

These images are among my favourites, with the pictures of Walter Burley and Marion Mahony Griffin alongside their designs for Australia's capital city and photographs of the realisation of these designs. Of course this is particularly apt as Canberra is busy celebrating its centenary.

The National Portrait Gallery also had some interesting artwork shape-shifting on its outer walls.

The National Gallery of Australia is currently showing an exhibition of works by Toulouse-Lautrec. During this week, many of those works are projected onto the front of the building and they look equally remarkable inside and out. They overwhelm in their entirety and stun in their detail.

Ain't that a kick in the head!
These images projected onto Old Parliament House are among my favourite. Surely the word 'enlighten' on a government body building is an audacious statement? The graffiti art is a bold move too.

My Dysfunctional Family!
And this is Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre.

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blurooferika said...

How very, very cool! I wish I had been there and they turned out fantastically with your camera. Thanks for sharing.