Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday Five: Songs about 'That Woman'

So Margaret Thatcher has died and I have yet to read a report or obituary that doesn't describe her as 'divisive'. I think that's probably the nicest way of putting it, so let's leave it there.

Many people are celebrating and, although I partied hard when she left Downing Street, I can't find joy in the death of a woman who was a mother and a daughter and leaves behind a grieving family. Whatever else, she was a human being - although Him Outdoors and thousands of Liverpool fans disagree.

I am sorry that her legacy of privatisation, personal greed and destruction of communties continues, however, and it is for this reason that today's post has little positive to note, although a couple of the tunes are jolly.

5 Songs about 'That Woman':
  1. Promised Land - James - Not only were they one of my favourite university bands, but this song got to me. 'Promise us a home; sell us what we own. The people of my country are divided by her greed. Money is directed to ambition, not to need.' Can't argue with that.
  2. I Want to Kill Somebody - S*M*A*S*H - admittedly a little violent, the single was released for one day and reached number 26 on the UK chart, back in 1994 when charts still meant something. Not just anti-Thatcher, but anti-Tori in general. Feelings were running high.
  3. Days Like These/ Between the Wars/ Ideology/ There is Power in a Union / Which Side are You on?/ It Says Here - Billy Bragg - Actually pretty much anything by Billy would probably do it. It wasn't just the North that was affcted by her and her party's pernicious politics.
  4. Tramp the Dirt Down/ Shipbuilding - Elvis Costello. They don't like her much in Liverpool.
  5. One in Ten - UB40/ Stand Down Margaret - The Beat. Or Birmingham.

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