Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Five: Parental Perambulations

Burnt out trees on Black Mountain
My parents were here to visit last week and it was lovely to have them to stay. While mother isn't particularly keen on skipping about the place, father wanted to do some hill bagging, so we marched up a few. I also dragged mother around a couple of little strolls.

Father likes to talk while he walks. Actually, this isn't strictly true. What he really likes to do is ask succinct questions which require you to provide lengthy answers as you plod uphill. Canny old beggar!

Mum and Dad outside Centennial Winery
Five Walks with Ma and Pa:
  1. Urambi Hills - little bumps out the back of my house that provide good views of South Canberra
  2. Berrima - a walk through the 'historic town' of the Southern Highlands, which culminated in a visit to a winery
  3. Mt Ainslie - in the middle of Canberra, the best views of the city as the Griffins intended it should look. Dad also saw a big fluffy laughing kookaburra on the way up, which made him very happy
  4. Black Mountain - after a walk through the Botanic Gardens spotting native flora and fauna we headed up the hill where we came across lots of lizards, but the view is protected unless you are prepared to pay to go up the tower, which we weren't.
  5. Mount Taylor - also close to my house, a short walk to the top with information panels naming the hills and lakes you can see below. Dad also saw lazy kangaroos dozing under the trees which, again, made him happy.
Dad admiring the view from Mt Taylor

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