Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Late equalizers

It was a weird weekend for seeing people score goals for the wrong side in the final minute of the game.

Little Michael scored in the 96th minute at Old Trafford. Yes, the 96th minute. Although Manchester United and City were only meant to be playing an extra four minutes, and the result should have been 3-3 and one of the most exciting draws in derby history, we all know about Fergie-Time. As William Hill bookmakers pointed out, “We can only suppose that time passes more slowly at Old Trafford than anywhere else in the universe.”

Little Michael’s goal, however controversial the hour in which it came, was superb. He is still a genius in front of goal; I just hate to see him do it for them.

Meanwhile, the supporters of the Wellington Phoenix have spent the past week insisting that they are not afraid of Robbie Scouser. Well, maybe they should have been. His free kick in the 94th minute led to the goal which prevented the Phoenix from winning the match. Which proves you should never underestimate your opposition, or ex-Liverpool legends.

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