Monday, 12 October 2009

Natural design

As I was sitting on the village green today eating a cornish pasty, these delightful leaves fluttered down from the trees. I don't know what they are but I think they are gorgeous and I stopped to gather a handful. A small child cycled past on his tricycle and asked his mother, 'What is she doing?' The mother just looked bemused.

If I were a designer like Tamsin Coooper, I would embroider them onto fashion accessories. They would look adorable on brooches, hair-ties or coin purses.

If I were an artist, like Andy Goldsworthy, I would make some amazing temporary art-work with their tiny forms. The way they studded the grass was remarkable, and I'm sure they could be worked into a spiral or a heart or some other intricate construction.

I love the little red centres in the fragile green hearts. I think they would make amazing handmade paper for wedding invitations and the like.

But I don't have these sorts of skills. I think of the ideas but can only admire others for their practical implications.

So I look and I take pictures and I imagine. And all of these imperceptible pleasures make me happy.

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