Friday, 18 March 2011

Fantastic Falstaff

Congratulations to Roger Allam, who won the Best Actor Olivier Award 2011 for his portrayal of Falstaff in the Dominic-Dromgoole-directed Henry IV Parts 1 and 2.

Of course, the fact that I saw these shows at the Globe Theatre when I was home in England last year makes me especially happy. Although I knew they were excellent at the time, it never does any harm to have that opinion validated by so-called experts.

I feel honoured to have been able to see such great work, which was both thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable. I still think of it six months later and crave the opportunity to see such stirling theatre on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry I will let you know what you are missing. I have tickets for All's well..., and Much Ado... at the Globe, and Merchant of Venice at Stratford.
Don't be envious, just remember I live on a crowded little island where the Tories are power!

Kate Blackhurst said...

Somehow, I doubt that was meant to make me feel better... especially as on this little island, the Tories are also at the healm.

'Tis very beautiful here, however, (out of the shaky bits), and not exactly crowded - as you can see from the latest week in pictures post!

Anonymous said...

It can be very beautiful here as well. We have some spectacular scenery often without any people in view.
Anyhow, I have just heard two programmes on Radio 4 with Roger Allam and his melifluous voice. Great!