Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Five: Crisp Flavours

When we were kids we were sometimes sat in a beer garden with a glass of lemonade and a packet of crisps each (I nearly wrote 'often' but that makes our parents sound like they were always at the pub, which isn't actually true). Trying to be nice, Dad would buy a selection and we would fight it out amongst ourselves. Being the youngest, I usually ended up with cheese and onion. I hate cheese and onion. For the record, here's what I do like:

5 Favourite Crisp Flavours:
  1. Salt and vinegar - not 'battery acid', as my friend refers to them
  2. Smoky bacon - probably tasted completely inauthentic, but extremely moor-ish
  3. Barbecue beef - particularly Hula Hoops (you have to put one on each finger-tip, of course)
  4. Prawn cocktail - Skips were particularly pleasant as they melted in the mouth
  5. Pickled onion flavour Monster Munch - oh, happy days


Scarey Sis said...

Darling Sis,
My favourite crisps at the moment (and have been for quite some time) are McCoys Crinkle Cut Cheese and Onion. They're not that strong and also Tim doesn't like them - so I get the bag to myself!
Scarey x

Kate Blackhurst said...

Then why did I always end up with the cheese and onion? One of life's mysteries, I guess.

Finding snack food one's husband doesn't like is always a bonus. I'm still searching...

Lots of love
Kate x

Anonymous said...

I don't like cheese and onion either but I like salt & vinegar and my favourite is doritos hint of lime although those were not around when you were little. Anyhow, if there was a garden at the pub we were there too, it was only when there was no garden and then I was usually in the car with you while Dad was in the pub with Grandma.


Anonymous said...

Crinkle cut are just wrong. Crisps or chips!