Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday Five: Look-i-like-me

5 People I've Been told I look Like:
  1. Victoria Wood
  2. Roy Orbison (by Him Outdoors - don't husbands say the nicest things?)
  3. Rachel Hunter
  4. Julia Roberts (I know - they must have been blind and it was a long time ago, but I'll take it)
  5. Some woman off Time Team - I don't know which one because I've never watched it, but a friend insists it's me (it's not - I'd know)


blurooferika said...

No, I'd vote for Romola Garai. She's got your coloring, curvy figure, rosy complexion, even the dimple in the chin. And she's smart--or at least plays smart in The Hour. (She was also the aspiring writer/pain-in-the-neck little sis in Atonement.)

Jo said...

Roy Orbison????