Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday Five: Christmas Fare

Festive Ice-Cream Terrine
For the Christmas period, I decided I wasn't really bothering with presents and decorations (apart from the book-tree of course) and all that malarkey, but I did make an effort with the food.

For Christmas dinner we had Tarragon-roasted chicken with pancetta and grapes accompanied by Maple-roasted veggies with orange and pine nut gremolata, which surprisingly didn't fit the overall theme. All the rest of the food followed a festive red and green/ red and white/ red, green and white colour scheme.

5 Colour-Schemed Christmas Dishes
  1. Chicken, pepperdew and green bean salad
  2. Green apple, ham and rosé risotto
  3. Roasted aubergine, mushroom and tomato pasta wih ricotta
  4. Beef, lentil and walnut salad
  5. Festive ice-cream terrine

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