Thursday, 7 February 2013

Monopoly Shock!

According to a recent press release from Hasbro, the game of Monopoly has got a new player. The iron counter has been replaced with a cat, after a Facebook voting poll.

Now, anyone who shares their life with a cat will not be surprised by this news. After-all, whenever they try to play Monopoly, there has always been a cat on the board. Ba boom tish!


blurooferika said...

You'll be happy to hear that there's a new generation of Monopoly players here on this side of the Pacific. For now, it's Junior Monopoly, which has the added bonus of having a board half the size and no distinction between hotels and houses to prolong things. And the boys practice their adding by being the banker.

And as for the disappearance of the iron, Meh, I say! It's high time this symbol of drudgery was replaced with an icon to a living divinity ;)

Kate Blackhurst said...

Hey Erika,

That news does indeed, make me very happy. When they progress to the adult version will it be the American or the British?

Kate x

blurooferika said...

Happily, we own both versions so I think I'll let them choose.