Friday, 14 March 2014

Tooth be told

When I am feeling poetical (and it happens), I find inspiration in all sorts of weird and wonderful things. It seems toothbrushes are enough to set me off on random trains of thought.

5 Toothbrush Musings:
  1. There are few sights that make me feel more lonely than a lone toothbrush. When Him Outdoors had true to go away on business, I missed him, obviously, but the look of my toothbrush in the mug all on its lonesome went near to breaking my heart!
  2. Following on from this, the toothbrush is such an intimate toiletry item, that one wouldn't share it with anyone. Would you? To lend someone your toothbrush is possibly the ultimate gesture of affection. Conversely, there is that 'classic joke' about a husband asking his wife how she controls her anger in arguments with him. When she replies that she cleans the toilet, he asks how that helps, and, yes, you guessed it, she says she uses his toothbrush. Now you see why there are inverted commas around the words 'classic' and 'joke'.
  3. I never thought I would fall victim to gender-specific marketing but, when I replaced my toothbrush with a blue one, I was confused because Him Outdoors was using a red (claret) one, and I returned to a pink (girly) shade. In my defence, I clean my teeth when I first get up, and I'm not a morning person.
  4. The humble hygiene implement is an absolute essential item. When people travel, even overnight, they tend to take a clean pair of underpants and a toothbrush. Chris Evans spawned an entire TV game show on this premise.
  5. It's a very simple way to win customer loyalty. I know people who flew with a certain airline because they gave them a miniature toothbrush with a tube of toothpaste in a small toiletries bag for long haul flights. How much can that have cost? When the airline scaled back on this tiny concession, these people switched airline. Their smiles might not be quite so bright now!

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