Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Presto Photos: Just get in the damn hat!

Massive thanks to my fabulous cast and also to photographer, Kelly McGannon, for capturing the moment(s), and Mike McRae for writing the excellent script. I love your work, all of you!

"You just need to hide there until you get pulled out." - Magician's Assistant (Sarah McCarthy)
"Why can't he just, well, trans-com-mod-u-fy me?" - Rabbit (Michelle Cooper)
"Can I really what?" - Magician (Tony Cheshire)
"I am a real magician."
"People love to be fooled."
"A good magic trick leaves you with a sense of hope, miracles, and infinite possibility."
"Are you going to climb in there, or am I going to have to snap off your four good look charms and cram you in there?"
"Hey, Chimp, you know there's no such thing as magic?"
"Humour is about breaking conventions and pushing taboos." - Monkey (Paul Jackson)
"Pulling a monkey from a hat just ain't funny."
"Everyone's busting a gut, I'm busting my butt."
"Tears of the clown? Try tears of the f*%!ing dancing ape."
"For every joke reinforcing that ape-ist hegemony, I die a little inside."
"All I care about is that somebody's getting in that hat tonight!"

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Woohoo! Thanks for posting this, Kate!
A Dumb Monkey