Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Five: Modus Operandi

Over a year ago I saw a sign in Mona Vale that made me happy. It was this:

And then there was a sign that made me a lot less happy. It was this:

But since then, it has arrived. Modus Operandi is a brewery on the Northern Beaches, which uses fresh live yeast flown in from the U.S.A. and hops and malt from all over the world. The Head Brewer, DJ used to brew for Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado, where he was responsible for the Specialty Beer Programme and the Brew School. He is happy to share his brewing knowledge while making fantastic ales for us all to enjoy. And we are grateful.

5 Modus Operandi Beers:
  1. Lola Golden Ale - An Aussie Pale Ale bursting with those juicy, hoppy, tropical flavours but still very refreshing and drinkable
  2. Kite Flyer Cream Ale: An American-style common beer with a slightly sweet malt flavour and a hint of spicy hops
  3. Zoo Feeder IPA - Maltier than a traditional IPA, with American resin/pine hops (2014 Craft Beer Awards Champion IPA)
  4. Former Tenant Red IPA - Ruby Red IPA with citrus hops and caramel malt (2014 Craft Beer Awards Champion Australian Craft Beer
  5. Silent Knight Porter - Brewed as a session version of a Russian Imperial Stout, it's full of rich chocolate and roast caramel, which makes it very malty with a light, dry finish

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