Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Five: Hair Histrionics

Last week I coloured my hair (with the help of friends). It is now red. It's taken several days to get used to it, and although I still get a bit of a shock when I see my reflection, I like it. Yes, it's different and a break from my previous look, which I've always tried to keep along the lines of 'natural' and 'subtle', but it's still me. 

I haven't changed at all, obviously, but you would think I have somehow become less human/ sensitive on account of it. While many people tell me they love it (after they have told me I've changed the colour, as if I might not have noticed) I have been amazed by the highly personal, and not exactly diplomatic comments of others.

5 Things people have said to me about my new hair colour:
  1. Wow, that's brave.
  2. Do you like it? Really? What does your husband think?
  3. What made you do that?
  4. Don't you think you should try a different shade?
  5. That can't be good for you.
So for the record, yes, I do like it. So does Him Outdoors. And that's really all that matters, as far as I'm concerned. And also, so does Niece Niamh, who sent me a text saying, "It looks very good on you." And she's the expert.

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blurooferika said...

And a new photo to accompany the post so your faithful readers can share in your redheaded bliss? ;)