Friday, 20 January 2017

Friday Five: The Ham-over

Omelette for breakfast
For Christmas, Him Outdoors gets a ham from work. It's a really nice gesture, and I like ham a lot, but it's a little big for two of us. I tend to slice it into portions and freeze them. We buy a load of mustard, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and pickle, and have variations on the traditional ham sandwich for our lunches. We take ham salads to every meal to which we get invited. We also try to get creative with breakfasts and dinners, and slowly we get through the ham, by about July.

Salad for lunch
5 Meals with Left-Over Ham:
  1. Ham, cheese, tomato and red pepper omelette
  2. Snowpea and ham risotto
  3. Ham, leek and egg pie
  4. Mediterranean lemon, ham and feta pasta salad
  5. German-style potato and ham salad
Pie for dinner

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