Monday, 8 January 2018

...And Bright! Beer Advent Calendar 2017 Part Two

Beer 13: Hargreaves Hill Apricot Sour (7.2%)
Very fruity but also very sour: sharp, tart and zingy like a sorbet - 4/5
Beer 14: Peroni Gran Riserva Doppio Malto (6.6%)
Crisp malt with sweetness but no depth - 3.25/5

Beer 15: Feral F15 Bourbon-Barrel_aged Imperial Brown Ale (9%)
There's a sweetness and a spice to this that is quite delightful - rich and malty and truly engaging - 4.5/5
Beer 16: Exit Brewing #016 Scotch Ale (7.5%)
Rich and smoky. Certain guidelines say peated malt doesn't work in Scotch Ales, but I say slainte! - 4/5
Beer 17: Mountain Goat Cross Breed Back to the Brewer Double Steam Ale (7.3%)
Sensational beer with a smooth and juicy taste, and well-balanced bitterness. Nice one! 4.5/5
Beer 18: The Wild Beer Co. Smoke 'n' Barrels - Autumn (6%)
As it says on the label: bonfires + apples + toffee: a good brown ale base infused with sweet apple wood smoke: there is some toffee apple sweetness but it's flat - could be a bad bottle - 3.5/5
Beer 19: Stockade Le Brat Imperial Blonde 7%
Caramel bubblegum sweetness with pear esters, spicy yeast and alcohol warmth; very nice - 4/5
Beer 20: St Bernadus Brouwerij Abt 12 (10%)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: it tastes like Christmas should - 4.75/5 
Beer 21: Stone & Wood Forefathers Blair Hayden English Pale Ale (5.6%)
Far too citrusy for an English Pale without any earthy hop character; apparently there is bergamot from the tea, but there is no bitterness - 2.75/5
Beer 22: Big Shed & Dr's Orders Dr Shedlove 2017 Imperial Carrot Stout (9.4%)
Wow, chocolate and vegemite flavours actually work really well together; who knew? These guys, obviously - 4.25/5
Beer 23: Moa Brewing Co. Five Hop English IPA (6.2%) 
Great Toffee Malt and a bittering hop at the finish; tasty and very drinkable - 4/5
Beer 24: La Sirene Cuvee de Bois (6.2%)
Now that's what I call sour: overwhelming flavours of stone fruit and citrus with a tart astringency and funky oak: really tasty stuff - 4.5/5

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