Monday, 23 March 2009

Dare we believe?

Eight games to go, one point behind, the dreaded 'game-in-hand'; dare we believe? Are we back in the race? I had set my sights on the Champions League, but I must admit, I would not say no to the premier.

This morning's game was incredible for a number of reasons - not least Stevie's hat-trick of course. But it came on a day when he didn't actually play all that well, and nor did Torres. It's a sign of their influence that they were marked so heavily, leaving other players to run free - and didn't Riera make the most of it?

That goal was fantastic. It will have critics complaining - indeed Him Outdoors did mutter the words 'Wimbledon' and 'hoof' before I glared at him (I have a pretty mean glare at 5.30am) - but it was inspired. And I love seeing keepers play a decisive part in scoring goals, rather than conceeding them. Reina seemed pretty happy about it too.

Generally I have a soft spot for Villa (it's a long story and involves Andy Townsend) but right now, to mix sporting metaphors, the gloves are off. It's 19 years since I saw my team brandish the league trophy aloft, and I would love to see them do it again. But can they? Will they stand firm, or will they fall at the last hurdle? You can't say I didn't warn you about those metaphors.

In the infuriating words of my mother, 'We'll just have to wait and see'. Whatever happens, it will be exciting. And in the words of an even more infuriating cheerleading debacle (now, that can't even be called sport!), bring it on!

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