Friday, 8 January 2010

The rehearsal must go on

The weather has been, as they say, variable. We have been ploughing ahead with our rehearsals for Shakespeare on Location in the Queenstown Gardens regardless. Admittedly, the weather has been better on some days than others.

Much though I admire Billy Connolly, I have to take issue with his assertion, 'There is no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing'. Singing about the joys of spring and the delights of nature is a bit difficult when you can't hear over the rain drumming on your umbrella.

Here, Juliet begs the night to hurry up and arrive so she can spend time with her lover, Romeo.

My lovely fairies are busy cavorting in grove and green among the cowslips and the dewdrops.

Jaques is nonplussed by Orlando's lovesick attitude:

Gertrude is shocked by Ophelia's descent into madness, 'divided from herself and her fair judgement':

And although Ophelia does eventually drown, I didn't expect it to be during this scene.

A huge thank you to all the cast for continuing to rehearse in such 'inclement weather' - I think that may be the understatement of the season!


blurooferika said...

What a unique theatrical experience. Promenade theatre and a compilation of some of the best Shakespearean scenes ever-it sounds fabulous! I imagine directing it is very complicated, weather challenges notwithstanding.

Congrats on your directorial coup-it seems a perfect fit for your talents and interests, Kate.

blurooferika said...

Looks the weather should smile upon your performance this weekend after all. I'll be thinking of you. Break a leg!