Friday, 9 September 2011

And so to the next one...

The day after the season of Secret Bridesmaids' Business finished, I took myself over to Alexandra (a 70-minute drive) to carry on with rehearsals for The Full Monty. This is the latest musical to be staged by the Alexandra Musical Society which they are putting on during the Blossom Festival at the end of the month. Their last two shows have been Oliver! and Annie, so this is somewhat of a departure for them with (thankfully) no singing children.

The musical is transposed from Sheffield, UK to Buffalo, NY, and a new character added who didn't appear in the film. Jeanette is a piano player 'of indeterminate years' who just shows up 'piano and all' to take the boys through their paces and get them to put on a show. She has heaps of previous experience (with both music and husbands - she's been married eight times) and is simultaneously supportive and sarcastic - a great role to play! And that's me!

The show is on from September 24-30. Tickets are available from the Alexandra Memorial Theatre 12-2pm Monday - Friday, or from, phone 0508484253.

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blurooferika said...

Hidden talents, Kate?? Piano playing and an American accent?? I guess in the theatre anything is possible!