Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quick Quintet: Sweet Treats

This is a special request by the Fudge Princess (funny that!). I'm sticking specifically to sweets here, rather than chocolate or biscuits.

Most of the sweets that I like are memories of childhood, when we used to go to the local sweet shop and buy quarters of confectionery that were weighed out on scoop scales and poured into paper bags. My sister used to send me to buy her Kola cubes and I was allowed a couple as commission. Happy Days!

5 Top Sweets:
  1. Rhubarb and custards - the originals, I'm saying nothing about the ones you used to get at raves in the 90s
  2. Sherbet lemons - suck them till  you get ulcers on your tongue
  3. Maynards wine gums (has to be Maynards) - hoots mon, there's juice loose aboot this hoose!
  4. Bassett's Jelly Babies (ditto Bassetts) - they're in a wibbly wobbly world of their own - apparently they were launched in Sheffield in 1918 to mark the end of WWI and were originally called Peace Babies
  5. Trebor Softmints - loved this ad (especially the cat). How did we ever think that the smell of mint would fool our parents that we hadn't been drinking/smoking - it was just such a dead giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Right- this is one I can really get my teeth into...
1/ Pineapple Lumps - even better when you marry them up with a scoop of hokey pokey icecream which I did often back in the days when I had a Saturday job at a corner dairy
2/ Minties - filling threatening mintie goodness plus the wrappers were excellent for tearing into helixes
3/ Tingles - fizzy lollies! Anything with sherbert in it is good
4/ Oddfellows - I love mint and Oddfellows were/are great big chalky mints. Always the dilemma - suck or bite
5/ The late much lamented Snifter - mint flavoured candy around an egg shaped minty chocolate middle. The company that stopped producing these should be ASHAMED of themselves!
As you can see - I rather like mint flavoured things. Mint McIntosh's Toffees are also good ( as are egg and cream and coconut. Not Harrogate though - they're barf material)

Bex Taylor said...

1. Jaffas - but they have to be in a box and you have to be at the movies. Still remember hearing them roll down the aisle...
2. Pineapple Lumps - preferably chewy (Kate I know you HATE these) but these are addictive, I think they put something in them to make you keep eating.
3. Draculas Milk - a strawberry take on the milk bottle, I'm kiwi so it's gotta be done
4. Raspberry Drops - suck em as long as you can and they really do taste like raspberries - real ones.
5. Milkshakes - part of any good party mix in years gone by - I'm a sucker for vanilla!