Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Five: Sleep No More

I've been having quite a few sleepless nights recently. It's not that I've got a guilty conscience (at least I don't think I have) or that I've been eating cheese before I go to bed (is that even a real excuse, or just propaganda from the anti-cheese board?) but I have got a lot on my mind, and between that and the only-just-this-side-of-psychotic cat, I keep waking up around 3am. So this seemed appropriate:

5 Things I Do When I Can't Sleep:
  1. Lie awake thinking, 'why can't I sleep? This is so annoying!' - that's really annoying
  2. Watch sport: football; cycling; cricket; tennis; rugby - there's usually something interesting being played on the other side of the world
  3. Drink herbal tea - I find it goes well with cheese (Ha!)
  4. Make lists of things I need to do - not sure it helps as I am often just about to drift off back to sleep when I remember something I forgot to put the list and then lie awake worrying about that instead
  5. Blog!

1 comment:

TheStarFish said...

I`m with you on the herbal tea when you cannot fall asleep!