Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Five: Rent Requirements

We are looking for a place to rent. There are a lot of possibilities, so we have to narrow them down. At the same time it will probably be a short-term lease so we're not looking to stay there forever.

The location is important. I would like somewhere with trees and close proximity to water. It is also paramount that I be able to walk to the shops/cafes and there is a bit of a village feel, rather than a soulless suburb in a cultural wasteland.

But let's focus solely on the house - and preferrably it is a detatched house rather than an appartment or a terrace. Although, of course, we could mostly live anywhere if necessary, there are some things that are very high on the wish list, and yes, I realise this is exactly what we own.

5 Things I Want in a House:
  1. Three bedrooms - our room, guest room and office (preferrably one with an ensuite)
  2. Open plan living areas - I'm happy to be in the kitchen cooking if I can still mingle with the conversation in the front room; good flow to the outdoor area also works for entertaining
  3. A garage or large lockable shed - I don't care about the car, but we need somewhere safe and dry to put the bikes (and the beer)
  4. A bath - it's not a bathroom if it hasn't got a bath
  5. Must take pets - our cat goes where we go; that really is non-negotiable

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