Friday, 15 March 2013

Fiday Five: Exceptions

I have a slight confession to make after yesterday's post. I know I wrote you should always read the whole thing before forming an opinion - or at least broadcasting one - but there a couple of occasions when I haven't. These are exceptions to the rule. I remember there were always plenty of those in English, and French, and Latin, and things my mum told me I couldn't do. So here are some of mine:

Friday Five: Exceptions
  1. If I start a book I will always finish it - with the exception of The Hobbit and Ivanhoe. I found both of them deadly dull.
  2. I never patronise McDonald's - apart from that time in the Philippines when I had the world's worst diarrhea and I knew they would have clean toilets and sanitised food.
  3. I dislike all American soft rock/ anthemic ballad music - but I will sing along and even dance to Guns N' Roses. I know; it's simply inexplicable.
  4. I never drink cold fizzy lager - unless I'm on holiday somewhere hot. You know who you are, Fiji Bitter.
  5. I will support all English teams in global sporting competitions - apart from Manchester United.

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