Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Five: Lip Colours

I don't really wear make-up. Occasionally I'll chuck some on, but most of the time I make do with tinted moisturiser. When we were younger, however, my friend (Our Gracious Hostess) and I used to read Seventeen magazine and look at all the pictures for hours. 

I was more interested in the music section while she liked the fashion. What she liked most of all was the names given to the cosmetics, and she thought that making up names for make-up would be her dream job. On Saturdays we went down to Boots the Chemist and she would look at the lipsticks and eye-shadows thinking up poetic descriptions for them, which were nearly always better than the ones they actually had. It was an exciting town.

Anyway, I realise that now I buy lipsticks for shows and apply different shades depending on my character on stage. You can invent a whole new character with these colouring tools, which is why it's called make up I guess.

5 Shades of Lipstick I Own:
  1. Cherubic
  2. Whirl
  3. Bella Donna Mauve
  4. Velvet Rose
  5. Plumage (this one's dark grey/purple)

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blurooferika said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Kate. You're right about our reading preferences: I would pick up Just Seventeen and you would pick up Smash Hits and we'd devour them and then swap. Plus we had my American Seventeens. I've been reading a few mags on the tablet now, but it just doesn't feel the same without the glossy paper.

Hope the Noel Coward production is progressing well.