Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Five: Books at Bedtime

I have many books on the pile by my bed. Here are some of them.

5 Books I'm Reading:
  1. The Letters of Noel Coward edited and with commentary by Barry Day - as research. I'm also reading the collected plays and his diaries. There's a good deal of material there.
  2. King Arthur: The Bloody Cup by M.K. Hume - it's part three of a trilogy which is adequate rather than brilliant but I am both obsessed by all things Arthurian and unable to finish something midway through.
  3. The Quincunx: A Novel by Charles Palliser - recommended to me by a friend as, 'one of the best books I've ever read'. No pressure there, then.
  4. The Second Sex  by Simone de Beauvoir - I read it ages ago and wonder if it is still as relevant.
  5. Carthage by Joyce Carol Oates - some light relief, if that's what you consider tales of loss, grief and the atrocities of war to be.

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