Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Five: It Will Change Me!

Australia has a lot of lotteries - there are national ones and federal ones and it seems like there's one every day of the week. They can reach pretty high stakes, and recently the prize pool topped $70million. We bought a ticket , but we didn't win. Fair enough - it is, after all, a lottery.

What does annoy me, however, is when people say, 'oh, it won't change me'. Well, clearly you don't 'deserve' to win it then - give it to me!  Of course I would pay off my mortgage and that of any other of my family members who need it, I would buy an E-type Jag and another couple of houses somewhere, preferrably one in Park Crescent, and indulge myself in my dream holidays.

But I would make changes to everyday life as well. If I had unlimited funds, here are the ways I would change:

5 Lottery Winning Changes:
  1. I would always fly first class
  2. I would hire a cleaner - housework would be a thing of the past for me
  3. I would always get taxis home from a night out, rather than having to plan for a sober driver or leaving on the last train/bus home - or if I were in a decent city, I would just stay in a hotel overnight
  4. I would donate money to every charitable organisation I walked past (as long as they weren't supporting right wing politicians)
  5. Every time I had a health niggle, I would go straight to the relevant practitioner (doctor/ dentist/ physio/ massage therapist) rather than saving up all my ailments until I felt I had enough to justify the consultancy fee.

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