Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday Five: What I'm Watching

While I wait for the new seasons of Doctor Who and Downton Abbey to arrive in Australia, I have been amusing myself with other television series. Upper Middle Bogan was excellent but has now finished. I will also mention Mock the Week, although I'm not sure it counts as a series, and Dancing with the Stars as the only reality TV show I watch. I even voted for the first time ever the other day - Libby Tricket, in case you're wondering.

I watched one episode of Masters of Sex, which was really good, but it's on a bit late for me. Similarly Sleepy Hollow which was fine until the programmers changed the time slot. I like to not watch flickering screens for an hour before bedtime. I started watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but after two episodes the badly-drawn female characters annoyed me too much to contimue watching. I also enjoyed the two episodes that I caught of First Crossings, in which historic pioneering journeys are recreated by Kevin Biggar and Jamie Fitzgerald.

5 TV Shows I'm Watching:
  1. Whitechapel - with Him Outdoors or during the daytime when it's light - I'm not sure why I find this scarier than any other crime drama, but I do.
  2. The Blacklist - the woman is annoying, but the series features James Spader - enough said.
  3. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - season two and we're back for more frock horror: such fun!
  4. David Attenborough's Africa - yes I know it's a repeat and I've seen it before, but it's Sir David; it's the BBC; it's Africa - what's not to love?
  5. Big School - mocking the genre of school sitcom soap like Grange Hill for never-grew-ups, it's awfully compelling.

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