Monday, 16 May 2011

Caps off to the Lion Foundation!

I recently learned that The Lion Foundation is involved with an initiative to recycle the aluminium screw caps on wine bottles. This pleases me greatly, and appeals to my wombling mentality.

I like recycling. I like the feeling that I can contribute something to someone else. When we were kids the Scouts used to collect newspapers. It was my job to bundle them up in orderly piles, tie them up with string and leave them out on the front doorstep.

At school there was a collection of ‘silver paper’ which went to the guide dogs (not the blind dogs as I used to call them), although what they did with it I couldn’t imagine. There was one particular type of chocolate (was it a Penguin or a Kit-Kat?) that had silver paper backed with a greaseproof layer. You could waste hours in the warm kitchen peeling these wrappers apart rather than doing your homework upstairs.

The earnest presenters on Blue Peter were always collecting keys or stamps or foreign coins for various appeals. I can’t remember (if I ever knew) why or where they went – probably to the starving children in Africa; we were all very concerned about them in the early 80s I seem to recall. The motives were less important than the actions themselves. It was and is fun to collect things, and it’s even better that this aimless hoarding has a purpose, even if that purpose is obscure.

After all, we all like to do good deeds; it makes us feel better, and what’s wrong with that? No charity is entirely altruistic. If I can do good by eating chocolate or drinking wine, then so much the better. There’ll be a big box of wine bottle tops turning up at the Lion Foundation soon, and I’m sure we’ll both appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

What about milk bottle tops, lovingly washed and dried, which were supposed to go to school but which ended up in Sarah's cupboard.

Kate Blackhurst said...

Indeed, but I didn't know that Scary Sis hid them in her cupboard until many years later!