Monday, 3 October 2011

Quick Quintet: Jewellery

Collectors, screen buffs and jewellery lovers were all of a flutter recently when it was revealed that Elizabeth Taylor's magnificent jewellery collection was going to be sold at auction in New York by Christie's in December (what a lot of prepositions in that sentence - does that make it preposterous?).

She was certainly a beautiful woman (who incidentally reminds me of my mother in some shots) and she wore it well. The collection consists of 300 pieces (many of them amassed from the multiple marriages, including two-time husband Richard Burton) and is valued at approx USD 30 million. Naturally I have nothing like that, but we all have little bits of 'bling' that are important to us. Here are some of mine:

5 Favourite Pieces of Jewellery:
  1. My wedding ring - obviously - designed by local jeweller Juerg P Muff and incorporating gold washed down from the hills in the floods of 1999, which left us homeless
  2. A rose gold charm bracelet, made from the chain of my grandfather's fob-watch
  3. A greenstone triple twist bought for me by Him Outdoors - greenstone can only traditionally be worn if given to you by someone else, and the triple twist represents, 'the joining together of two people, two peoples, two cultures for eternity even though they experience highs and lows of life they remain bonded by friendship and loyalty for life' - so that seems just about perfect then
  4. A cute black dolphin with diamante eye necklace brought back from Fiji by a friend
  5. A garnet and opal nose stud bought as a replacement for the one lost at the Leeds Festival while watching Chumbawamba

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