Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Quick Quintet: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

There is a lot of music that I love and a lot of bands that have shaped my life. We all have an inner soundtrack and The Jam, The Pogues, The Smiths, The Damned, The Cure, Pulp, Blur and Oasis all feature highly on mine. 

You know how it is - there are certain songs that no matter where you are or what you're doing, or how tired you are, you just have to get up and dance. They may not even be your favourites, but they have a certain rhythm or connotations that cannot be ignored. I blame other people for most of them...

5 Songs I Have to Dance to:
  1. Debaser - The Pixies; Manchester Academy and anywhere in Manchester when I was a student with the Essex Girl - those were the days, my friend...
  2. Baggy Trousers - Madness; doesn't everyone our age? It's guaranteed to turn any do into a flashback to the primary school disco
  3. Groove is in the Heart - Deee-Lite; Thermal Girl is entirely to blame for this one
  4. White Riot - The Clash; not played very often, but for years this was my Friday-night-going-out-song. It's fast, furious, frenetic and gets me every time
  5. Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses; partly the fault of Our Man in London, I remember a particular gig in 1987, and it fires up my inner rock-chick


blurooferika said...

Okay. So this set a whole lot of thoughts in motion, though distinguishing between songs that I loved and songs I actually danced to was hard. For most irresistibly danceable, my vote would go to:
*She drives me crazy - Fine Young Cannibals
*Rock Lobster- B52s
*Oh L'Amour-Erasure
*Need You Tonight-INXS
*Just Can't Get Enough-Depeche Mode
*She sells sanctuary-The Cult
*Blister in the sun-Violent Femmes

Kate Blackhurst said...

Oh yes, some great memories there. Dave Gahan in his leather trousers, and some mighty fine dance tunes too...

Kate x

Jo said...

I'm with Erika as far as Depeche Mode goes. Nothing like a bit of plinky plonky synthpop.

My other top 'must dance" tunes are:

Do You Love Me by The Contours

Disco Inferno (Burn Baby Burn)- Yep I am indeed a child of the disco generation. I know how to hustle and I'm not afraid to do it in public.

Dreaming - Blondie

Everybody's Happy Nowadays - The Buzzcocks - I've never been anywhere where this has been played but if this ever came on in a bar or club then you'd have to tie me down to stop me going on the dance floor.