Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quick Quintet: Tastes Like Chicken

Whenever people eat something a bit different - frogs' legs; snake; crocodile; squirrel - they invariably say, 'it tastes a bit like chicken'. This is probably because chicken is such a versatile meat that it can actually taste like almost anything itself, even squirrel. I like chicken - yes, free range organic and all that, and it goes very well in a variety of dishes.

5 Great Chicken Dishes:
  1. Roast chicken - with roast potatoes and fresh green vegetables, or in fresh white bread sandwiches with lashings of mayonnaise
  2. Lemon chicken - the Chinese restaurant in Marlow High Street was my introduction to this particular favourite
  3. Kadai chicken - a perennial winner at Indian restaurants worldwide
  4. Chicken Pad Thai - the benchmark of a good Thai restaurant, and usually a perfect serving size to leave you replete but not stuffed
  5. Chicken Mee Goreng - one of the best hangover cures ever

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Bex Taylor said...

Ooo had to do this one cos it made my mouth water...

1. Chicken, leek & corn casserole - delish and tastes a little bit different everytime I make it.
2. Thai Chicken Salad - my favourite quick & easy dinner for one
3. Delia Smith Roast Chicken with strips of bacon, realy gravy and mashed taties
4.Chicken Fried Rice from your favourite chinese takeaway, probably the MSG that makes it good :)
5. Chicken & Herb Meatballs - a weight watchers favourite from the diet days, one of the tastiest dishes I ever made.