Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Quick Quintet: Female monikers

A friend of mine has just had a baby (as yet un-named) girl - I offer my congratulations. Obviously the health of mother and baby is of paramount importance (they are both fine by the way, except the poor baby may be suffering from excessive cuddling - if there can be such a thing) but the naming will be a serious matter.

According to a recent survey the most popular girl's name in New Zealand is Olivia. The fact that the most popular male name is Oliver reveals either a lack of originality or a determination to call your child Oli; I'm not sure which.

I have a double confession - I haven't got a middle name (a fact which has always miffed me somewhat), and I used to dislike the name I have. Now, I really appreciate it - Katherine has a regal dignity to it; Kate is pure and elegant; Kitty is a Celtic twist; and Katy is an adorable way for my family and certain friends to show affection. Some call me Katie Pie, which I like because Kei Te Pai (pronounced the same way) means 'good' in Maori.

Now, I'm not for one moment suggesting that I have any influence at all on what moniker my friend may bestow on her baby (I don't like the name Monica, by the way - even before the Lewinsky/Friends associations), but I do have certain girls' names that I prefer to others.

5 Girls' Names I Like:

  1. Rachael/ Rebecca - I've never met one I didn't like
  2. Juanita - I read a book when I was a child where the heroine had this name - it might have been something by Rumer Godden - I forget the novel but I remember the name
  3. Sophie - although it does sound best with a Northern English accent
  4. Emma - even Jane Austen's self-obssessed heroine can't ruin this name for me
  5. Zoë - I have no idea why


Bex Taylor said...

1. Emma - just do and not because its my sister's name
2. Phoebe - I find it interesting
3. Sophie - had a lovely friend at school with this name, liked it ever since
4. Alexandra (Alex, Ali) - slightly old fashioned as in a real name but also trendy, hip and cool
5. Jane - not plain at all, in fact very versatile, easy to spell and it's my own middle name!

Anonymous said...

is this a comment about me?! We have a name now. Rather she does.


Kate Blackhurst said...

Actually, much though I love you, Robin, not everything is about you! I'm glad that you have a name though.

It was actually about another friend who has since called her daughter Sienna.

Kate x