Wednesday, 9 July 2014

World Cup 2014: Today's Talking Point - The Case for the Defence

What else could we possibly talk about other than that defeat? Hosts Brazil, who haven't lost a home game since 1975, let in seven goals; five in nineteen minutes in the first half. The final score of 7-1 to Germany could have been greater. And every non-partisan supporter cheered for football.

The Brazilian team has been appalling in this World Cup. Their football has let them down; they have relied too much on Neymar and have left gaping holes in defence, as Germany exploited to their delight and Brazil's bemusement.

Brazil aren't the only ones; the defending at this World Cup hasn't exactly been spectacular. All the focus in the early stages was on Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi, van Persie, Robben, and even Rooney, but no one bothered about what was going on (or not) at the back. The games in the group stages were largely goal-fests, which may have entertained the masses, but it didn't bode well for the future of football. It was clear that the teams that were going to succeed in this World Cup would be any one which paid equal attention to both ends of the pitch: bringing a fresh interpretation to the cliche, 'a game of two halves'.

But it was more than that. The tricks, flicks and flairs of traditional Brazilian football were infrequent in this tournament. Crowds have been turned off as the boys from Brazil have hacked, fouled, shoved, barged and kicked their way through to the semi-final. The fact that they have appeared to win more than their fair share of referee's calls has also looked ugly. It has been far from aesthetically pleasing, and football fans are unimpressed. And so there are very few regrets as the Germans go marching on. So long, samba; the party's over.


Renata Moreira said...

Hi dear, my name is Renata and I am Brazilian with great pride and much love. Yes, all of us here in Brazil, we suffer with this rout of Germany, but believe in 2018 who will take the cup will we, our Brazilian team. And just for the record: There is not only Neymar in the squad, we have David Luiz - which is an example for all of us in Brazil, he gave a lesson of humility around the world - we have the Hulk, we Fernandinho, we have a team very nice.
Honey, we are not only the country of football not, we are a very much more beautiful than the country around, we have our problems beautiful country, but that does not make Brazil the worst country on earth.
It was only that, if you need anything please contact me at my email: re.moreira1997 @
So long kisses.

P.S:Sorry for my bad english, I'm typing by google translator

Kate Blackhurst said...

Hello Renata,

Thank you very much for your comment and for dropping by my blog.

I love the Brazillian style of football from days past and hope that this huge defeat helps the national side to rediscover what made them so great (including a solid defence). It would be beneficial for the whole footballing world to see them return to their greatness.

I've never been to Brazil, but hope to go some day as I have heard from many that it is indeed a beautiful country.