Monday, 17 October 2011

Quick Quintet: Aunty Katy

I have been visitng my brother and sister-in-law and niece and nephew in Miri. We have had a great time experiencing their ex-pat lifestyle and some Miri hotspots (at 40 degrees and 98% humidity, it's actually all pretty hot) and, although excited about the prospect of seeing monkeys in the rainforest, were a little sad to leave them behind and move on to the next stage of the trip.

5 Great Things about Being an Aunt:
  1. Fierce unconditional hugs
  2. Information sharing and seeing things from a fresh perspective (snakes can be very pretty, apparently)
  3. Surreal artwork
  4. Story-time
  5. Giving them back


Bex Taylor said...

1. SO much love
2. I'm a celebrity
3. Imagination games
4. Smiles shared
5. "Look at me, look at me Aunty Becka!"

Kate Blackhurst said...

Hey Bex,

I love your 5 great things about being an aunt - particularly number 2. It's always nice when people are so thrilled to see you - even if it quickly wears off...

Kate x